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Galwalia Ispat Udyog Private Limited (GIUPL) is an entity of Indostar Group located in Kashipur, Uttrakhand. Being the largest entity in the state of Uttrakhand, it is now a symbol of excellence. The objective has always been to provide quality steel products of varied sizes and grades. It is equipped with the best contemporary plant and machinery that ensures quality of the highest standard.
SPNG INDOSTAR TMT Bars are produced in a fully automated manufacturing unit with automatic PLC-based Machine, followed by a mechanism of rigorous quality testing to ensure the highest quality to our customers. after the initial tests for externalphysical strength, our HYQST thermo-mechanically treated TMT bars are put through quenching and self-tempering on a 78 meter cooling bed to allow those to gain the finest grain structure, and hence the desired flexibility.


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